Usually a connection error

To use the Homebrew Browser, your Wii needs an internet connection.

Perform a connection test:
  • In the Wii Menu, enter settings, then internet settings.
  • Select your active connection and perform a connection test. If prompted, do not update your system.
  • If the connection test failed: correct your internet settings.
  • If the connection test succeeded: try the additional troubleshooting steps down below.
Connection test succeeded:
If the connection test was successful, but you are still seeing this error, the following might help troubleshooting:
  • Make sure your SD card is not write-locked.
  • Try visiting from a device on the same network and see if it loads. If it doesn't, Open Shop Channel might be down (Check our Twitter for status updates). It could also be that your ISP blocks the Open Shop Channel.
  • Try clearing the DNS settings in connection settings. The RiiConnect24 DNS and Wiimmfi DNS should be fine, but worth a try, especially if you are using a less common DNS.
  • Verify through a computer that you are able to write to your SD card.