Learn how to install LibreShop


To use LibreShop you need the following:
  • A Homebrewed Wii with Internet Access
    • If your Wii is not homebrewed, visit this guide, and then come back.
  • An SD Card


  1. Go to this page to download LibreShop.
    Scroll down to the "Recommended Download" section and click "Download File".

  2. Connect your SD Card to your computer and extract the contents of the .ZIP file you just downloaded into the root folder.
  3. Extract the SD Card from your computer and insert it into the Wii, load the Homebrew Channel and you should see LibreShop.
    • If you don't see LibreShop you did Step 2 wrong. Check the linked image for reference.

  4. Notice: Ensure your SD card is NOT write-protected! LibreShop won't be able to download apps if it is.