• Latest update / addition: "Not64 2022-11-11" by Extrems - November 11, 2022 - N64 Emulator for Wii - Download Now!
  • Latest update in Games: "Newo Zero" by Owen - Version 3.0 - November 1, 2022 - future-retro-synth racer - Download Now!
  • Latest update in Utilities: "GlowWii" by Larsenv - Version 1.1 - August 22, 2022 - Make your Wii disc drive light glow. - Download Now!
  • App of the Day: "WiiX-Ball" (Games) by KMS - Breakout for the Wii - Download Now!
  • Support the project: Help us keep the Open Shop Channel project running, and enable us to dedicate time to it! Pledge on Patreon!
  • New version of OSCDL: Version 1.3.0 of our desktop utility has been released! Download Now!

Open Shop Channel

The Open Shop Channel is a homebrew apps library for the Nintendo Wii, providing services to more easily obtain and manage content.

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