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Open Shop Channel

Homebrew apps library for the Nintendo Wii.

How would you like to use the Open Shop Channel?
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Homebrew Browser

Wii (HBB Installation Guide)

Originally developed by teknecal, the Homebrew Browser was an app repository for the Wii first released in June of 2008.

To make it usable 15 years later, we, the Open Shop Channel, modified it to connect to our servers. While showing its age in many places, it is still the most popular way to use the Open Shop Channel, because of the convenience of it running on the console itself.
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Having trouble using the Homebrew Browser? Visit Help & Troubleshooting or our Discord server.


OSCDL is an open source and modern GUI desktop client for downloading apps from the Open Shop Channel, developed by dhtdht020, the lead maintainer of the Open Shop Channel project.

Using OSCDL, apps can be sent to the console over the internet with "Send to Wii" or over USBGecko. OSCDL is cross platform and is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.
Alternatively, just use the online library!
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