YAWM ModMii Edition

Homebrew application created by Various

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Version: 1.0

App Size: 3.5MB

Developer: Various

Technical Information

Manifest: yawmME.oscmeta

Title Version: 1

Title ID: 000100014E4E9EFD


Wii Remote 1

Wii Remote
Can be used with a Wii Remote. Up to 1.


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Notice: This homebrew application makes permanent changes to the system's NAND, thus, this application should be used with caution. (And generally, you should always use homebrew applications with caution!)
Manage WADs and Launch Apps
Yet Another Wad Manager ModMii Edition (yawmME)

Press the "A" key to (un)install WADs or Launch .dol/.elf files.
If no files are selected for batch (un)installation, the normal individual (un)installation menu appears.
If at least one file is selected, the batch (un)installation menu appears.

Press the "+" button to add\remove the selected WAD to the batch installer list
Press the "-" button to add\remove the selected WAD to batch uninstaller list
Press the "1" key to enter the extension menu 

A "+" before the name means the WAD will be installed
A "-" before the name means the WAD will be uninstalled

To temporarily disable System Menu Region checks\protection in order region change or install a custom System Menu version, enter the Konami code instead of A when selecting your device. This should be done sparingly and only if you know what you are doing.
Recommended Download

YAWM ModMii Edition (.ZIP)

A zip file containing the application.
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The application's binary.


The meta.xml provided with the application, containing information specified by the developer such as version, coder, and description.


The application icon image.