Covid 19 Apocalapse

A homebrew application created by Gremlin Software

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Version: 1.0

Release Date: September 18, 2021

App Size: 2.1MB

Developer: Gremlin Software


Wii Remote

Wii Remote
Can be used with a single Wii Remote.


Application URL: Author URL:


The End is Near

The year is 2500, Covid 19 has evolved into a demonic form and threatens to destroy the Earth. You are mankind's final hope. Move the crosshairs to the bottom of the screen to reload. Health Bonus at 1000 points


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Covid 19 Apocalapse (.ZIP)

The application in the form of a ZIP file, containing the app.
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Covid 19 Apocalapse (BOOT.DOL)

The application DOL.

META.XML for Covid 19 Apocalapse

The original application meta.xml file, containing information specified by the developer such as version, coder, and description.