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I will add more articles here eventually. A little busy right now.
You can add articles too, or suggest some, or improve some, here. Credit yourself too if you'd like.


There are several ways you can contribute to Open Shop Channel's help site:

Updating an existing page

Every page in this help site has an "Edit Page" link at the top. This link will take you to GitHub, where you can submit edits to the page.

If you came upon a new way to fix a problem, don't hesitate to add it to the correct page, and even credit yourself in the bottom of the page if you'd like.

Creating a new page

Many issues and topics are not discussed in the help site.

Through the website's GitHub repository, you can add new pages and choose to display them on the help navigation box or link them in other help pages where relevant.

To get started, you can copy another page's source (/templates/pages/help/articles/[ name of article ].html) and modify it.

Suggest improvements

You can create an issue on our GitHub to suggest improvements or new pages.