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Our Story

The Open Shop Channel was started in March 2018, with the goal to revive the Wii Shop Channel before its planned discontinuation. The original plan for the project was to make a Wii Shop Channel replacement, But over time, our focus went towards providing a general open source repository of apps, with the Homebrew Browser and OSCDL to make use of it, as well as the public and open API later on. An additional service was planned called Club Spot, which gave you perks for using the Open Shop Channel. What we originally envisioned the Open Shop Channel to be was ambitious. But we keep working on it and hoping to share results soon.


Below are the people who helped shape the Open Shop Channel open source project to what is is today:

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Project Lead. Developer and maintainer of API, OSCDL, and this website.
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Project Maintainer. Developer of the Homebrew Browser scripts and general assistance from RiiConnect24.
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Project Maintainer. Researching and working primarily on getting the OSC on the Wii Shop Channel.
Project Maintainer. Javascript god and a kind stranger.
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Project Designer. Creates graphics, branding and designs for the Open Shop Channel project.

...And you!

Thank you to all project contributors and donators, which helped us create the Open Shop Channel!

Project Timeline


March 2018

The Open Shop Channel project is launched, with the goal to restore functionality of the Wii Shop Channel.

August 2019

The Open Shop Channel begins providing a repository to replace the one in the Homebrew Browser, with more up to date applications and a larger variety of content.

April 2020

Open Shop Channel Downloader, also known as OSCDL, was released. It allows downloading content from the Open Shop Channel on desktop computers, as well as wirelessly send apps to Wii systems on the same network.

October 2020

The public Open Shop Channel API has been released, allowing everyone to make use of Open Shop Channel's services and contents directly, and provide custom services and clients making use of it.